The Serpent’s Isle

The Serpent’s Isle lies along the sea route between the Empire of Stone and the Nadir kingdom. Infamous for being the battleground of the final battle between the First Imperator and Druss the Legend of the Rigante barbarians, this inhospitable land was gifted to House Eamont after Druss’ defeat. Unfortunately, the land proved too difficult to tame, and after House Eamont’s fall it has remained unsettled, save for barbarian tribes and a few brave individuals, for generations. When Nadir ships are spotted near the Isle, the Empire grants three nearby houses the lands in exchange for their colonization to prevent Nadir expansion. As part of one Lord’s expansionary force, the heroes must defend their fledgling province from barbarians, manipulative lords, and the beasts of the land as well. Will they be the ones to finally tame the Serpent’s Isle, or will they go down in history as yet another failed attempt?

The Serpent's Isle